Warrior Wisdom: Vision and planning

A warrior can be man or a woman.  In fact the most valiant warrior holds the best of both.

I am fighting as an ordinary person for my lost freedom, my bruised body, and my outraged daughters…. Consider how many of you are fighting — and why!

Then you will win this battle, or perish.

That is what I, a woman, plan to do!
— Boudicca, according to Tacitus, Annals


The compassion & dreams of a woman and the determination and fortitude to see it through like a man..
Once you have the dream and do battle you need to step forward and drive the sword in. To the hilt. Hesitation kills.

Forge your way to Victory.  In the arms of your lover. your life.  Your dream is a castle to attack, defend, hold sacred. To weep over and lust and plan for.

A true warrior is not afraid to shed tears, and bare her heart.  To lay down that sword when needed.  To own her anguish.   When the time comes she can lift that sword with ease and slice through the knotty ties that bind her.  The chains of an oft told story or opinions of the Behavior Police that keep her, not in her place, but in a place of others’ making.

To do battle when blood runs a river and heads topple, that takes guts.  Glory takes guts and trust.  A true warrior knows what matters is how you tread the path.  When to lie down and when to fight. To leader from within.  Both as warrior, and as the leader because a Warrior is forging a path.  Slaying the dragon that breathes fire is not for the faint of heart.  To really own what is in front of you, to be scorched in the fire of the enemy and yet move forward..

Can you battle what lies beyond this moment?   Not in my experience.  What I have discovered is that we need the ability to see clearly, to own up what slows us down.  To be vulnerable in the most naked way. To be seen with your personal pattern of dark and light  and still be compassionate, not shame yourself or your viewers.  In that to do what needs to be done to move into joy.

To concentrate on your vision, in its moment, to the exclusion of all else.. To craft your own battle dress, weaponary and cries.  To practice the speed of thrust and parry.  To be prepared beyond the vision with a plan and a mission.

What is your battleground?  Are you traveling to victory?

Joie de Vivre

Jen Duchene

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