House Beautiful

House Beautiful has the last word – Questions to tickle your color bone.

While riding the blogging waves, surfing the rich feasts of other designers, I spotted Maria Killam giving her take and listing many others doing the same.

Naturally I wanted to join in.

1. What is the first color you see in the morning ?


my curtains that hide the outdoors – usually the dog is smiling…

2. What is the color of your Eyes?


3.what color do you wear the most?

Blue / Green shades  with white   Black or  Brown


4.  What color do you never wear?

Maroon:   Looks better on walls than with my skin tone



5.  What color do you wear when you want to be sexy ?

Bronze with shades of coffee  and orange. I like to mix smooth and textured, shiny and flat to create shimmer when I walk.

6. What color gets you the most compliments?

Greens greys blues

Chilluly Glass

7.  What color is your lipstick?

red orange

8. Color of living room growing up?

Blue and white.

White walls, big white terrazzo floor tiles, white marble and metal tables, white flokati rug, white furniture

Blue and white cushions and upholstery.

Fresh blue flowers in a huge white Italian  vase  – I still remember the delphiniums – dark and light blue dropping petals – stunning house- I will have to see if I can dig up pictures from the past.  My mom was really talented.

What color was your bedroom when you were growing up?

after a series of looks and rooms  – I never knew what room I would have when I got home, or how it would look – from pink spots to big green flowers, no fabric or child was immune from the determined decorating decisions of mom…

Green white and black  – that was the last go round before I left home. Finally my mom let me choose the colo. I inherited a real zebra rug,  a little ratty but still beautiful.  Not sure I would do the real skin now but I still love the look.  The picture below is not an exact match – the fabric my mom found was enormous leaves in shades of green.  This was the seventies.  and it beat pink voile. What did  they call  those curtains that draped from both sides over each other like a wrap around sweater? Yards of  fabric.  It was a serious fight getting to the window.  I hated all the frills and flounces.

10. What color are your sheets ?

Blue and white.   its true I love that combination.  that or white.  or variations thereof.

11. What color was your favorite crayon?

Red.    & green

although I preferred finger paints – much gooier.

12.What color is your car?

Grey like a metal beast stalking the tarmac

14. Favorite Gemstone?

Emerald  – its green after all.  and here is a piece of Daum that looks like unpolished emeralds.  Gems for the home.

15. Favorite Flower?

Love fresh flowers.  Peony   is a favorite.

16. What color makes you happiest?

Yellow white  & Blue    and green

17. What color depresses you?

tuna beige

like the meal I had on the plane.  Not that great to eat actually and on the walls, I find it depressing…

18. Color that Calms?

Blue and white- like this incredible painting. the ocean, the sky.  Wanted to paint my ceilings blue green so I can look up and see the sky – open space.

19. What color makes you grind your teeth?

Pepto dismal colors   –  loud and wrong   – no depth  just noise.

and the burgundy & green combo.  I despise burgundy towels.   and burgundy bits.  and burgundy sofas  with moire and stripes.  There is this theory that women love blue reds  and men love orange reds.

I dont agree.  I am much more drawn to orange reds than blue reds.    and no color  – a dirty no color that seems to be a staple  on apartment buildings and hallways.

20.  What color would you like to try but are scared?

Would love to try a hall filled with light and a mix of colors – when I have a hall to paint.

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