What is your excuse?

What is your excuse?

We all have them.   Did a dog eat your good intentions? Swallow your passion? Or are the things you say you want just bogus?  

No judgement here, merely an opportunity to get real with yourself.   I have fooled myself so many times, thinking I needed to be something particular, in order to contribute in life. Now I realize, much of what I set myself up for like-  Chasing accolades, desperately needing to be popular – all so I would fit in – is not where my heart is.

Being encouraged to harbor high ideals about our purpose and what it is ‘supposed’ to look like, so we can ‘win’ is a losing game.   That rigid framework of labels and guidelines conditions us to focus on what is wrong with us.   Setting up an unbalanced equation of belief and counter action which has us swinging between wanting to please and needing to impress, to prove our value and meet our assumed requirements.   

We look for a sign that we are doing it right, something that will tell us which way next.   

I meet people in the metaphysical, spiritual woo woo world all the time, who are waiting for a big billboard from God.   ‘Tell me what to do Divine, lead the way. I am yours to command’

In my stubborn painful journey of ‘dying to please’, literally turning to dust with my attempts to do things the ‘way they were supposed to be done’  I have discovered the Divine doesn’t require that kind of self effacing sacrifice, spending hours in a fog, with no clue of what I wanted.  

Just waiting for Source to set my compass.  

While Source stilled till I got the message. Choose.  Discover your desire within.  No need for excuses or a cover up.  BE YOU.’

You are in charge.   The Divine will give you guidance when you ask but first decide.

 We have free will.   The Divine wants our joyful cooperation, our participation and our passion.    Do what feeds your soul, not gains approval.   I kept ignoring the request because that meant I would have to take responsibility and accept the challenge of making my way.  A scary idea.

Which begat the age old question – what if I made the wrong choice? To which the Divine informed me that there is no wrong choices only choices.      Well ok then.  I can do this if  you hold my hand. (lots of loving hand holding has happened on this journey)

We set up impossible deadlines or rush ahead before we are ready, and give up because it is too hard to pause, take slow measured steps or ask for help from others.    

We hesitate because we are not doing what we desire, we are following orders.  After all It is far far better and more enlightning to stay at home and etch joyful pictures in the sand (or fill in the blank with what lights you up), than to do something we think we are supposed to.                      

So I ask you again  – what is your excuse for not doing what you think you are supposed to?  Is it a valid barrier that must be dissolved?  Or is it really a sign saying don’t go here?

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With woo and wonder,  Jen

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