Where is your Money Bar?

Diving into life, knowing your voice and purpose, is more than just speaking, acting and reaching. Self Expression demands that we open up our modern Polite Woman, and create the boundaries that serve us.

Taking leaps in life and work include myriad little bits, that are outside of what drives us. They must be taken care of, to create the foundation of an evolved powerful polite woman. Those big dream bolts need definition. Decisions, getting comfortable at asking for what you want, and releasing the result. Let the money flow, let it go.

Temptation may beckon, shiny with promise. First you leap, and suddenly you are on top of the big life roller coaster, energized and excited. As you go up you shriek with joy and your heart opens. Coming down is more scary. Then you feel you heart close and drop with fear. Gravity pulling at your shoe, barring progress.

I think many of us have a money bar. Not the chocolate one ‘payday’ although the sentiment is apt. The bar that that seems to put a limit on how we deal with the green stuff. Something stops you, or has you repeating old behaviors, shrinking you. Dreams can be huge and I know you have it in you to create big. Yet, sometimes the hold up is a stuck bar, an old fear or a learned behavior.

I see myself going places and yet I trip up, hesitating over the fear of learning something new. Opening up myself to not only practice “till it’s in my bones” like my coach tells me, but to take a leap of faith in unfamiliar territory.And I dont use that word lightly. It is terror that sticks the bar. Fear of asking for the money. Unfamiliar, unclean. I skirt around it. hiding out, afraid of rejection and yet I should welcome rejection since that is what will cure me of my hesitation. I see the progress. My confidence in who I am is growing. This once shy mousy child, a “butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth” girl, has raised her bar.

I know I will raise the bar again. The next time sooner than the last. I am grateful to my guides and the universe, who keep dishing it out. Telling me my vision is distorted, and how the height of the bar depends on me.

What about you? Do you have a money bar? Or are you so evolved you know how to change the current to let go of all you own, and allow multiple streams to swim into your waiting arms?

Share in a comment below, I would love to know.

Joie de Vivre.


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