Would Barbie ride a camel?

I wake up feeling like I am in a tent. Some of my twitter buddies and I keep the Camel Chatter going.

Camels are mystical beasts riding on the desert planes because they carry memory and water to sustain themselves & us. We need the desert. We need what Bedouin’s bring. And we need an Oasis.

Teaming with Passion & promise. Barbie is a mystical figure too. She is glam and golden California sunshine, thin as a pin with curves that would overbalance a real woman. Yet she holds a memory for us. Funny my personal barbie memories are of me dreaming of the unattainable. Wanting that glamorous world of platinum hair and the shiny stuff. The perpetual beauty who could do it all but always had trouble with Ken. Full circle the legends meet in a tent.

I imagine Barbie a swirl in organza in her tent!

Barbie Glam is sweeping the world. I see messages in visual and I know that embracing fantasy, femininity and our legends is an essential key to survival. Highpoint is a mega market,

Shiny glam that beckons us into the tent. filled with objects that designers decorators drool over. To help their clients. create personal tents to embrace, renew & live in.

Barbie is filled with she-power. She may need to eat more cheese, and drink some of those luscious martinis whipped up in the halls of beautiful stuff, and get more grit under her nails. I can totally buy into the Barbie Magic.

First we need a camel, for Barbie to ride on.  And a carpet to lie on.

What is your Barbie meaning or memory? Is she echoing the beast of burden role of a camel, hiding her power behind a plastic screen? I would love to hear!

I remember climbing up to a high cabinet as a young girl. My mom was constantly moving things and this cabinet had a drop down door. My mom was out and I needed to look at the incredible Barbie outfits she was sewing for the school fete. I did not have a barbie, and I longed for one. The cabinet came crashing down onto the table top, smashing the glass to smithereens. I never said a word to my mother nor she to me.. I need to ask her about that.

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Would Barbie ride a camel? — 11 Comments

  1. I was a HUGE Barbie fan. I played with one far longer than was probably acceptable. But my favorite was my Aunt’s doll from the 60s. One had interchangeble wigs and and the most incredible chevron metallic bathing suit. I wonder where she is now…..

    • Oh I can relate. I only got to Barbie’s late. I used to go over to friends and play with their Barbie’s. Your Aunt’s doll sounds awesome. Especially the interchangeable wigs and metallic bathing suit. I had a baby with carry cot and cot that I pampered forever. I am not sure I am over my Barbie phase 🙂

  2. When I was maybe 7 or 8 (in the 1970’s), my neighbors gave me a gigantic box of Barbies and Barbie clothes–amazing stuff! They were some of the first Barbies from the early 60’s, all different hair colors, and I got the one with wigs, too! A couple of Kens, also. My favorite part was the clothes…this particular dusty teal evening gown with rhinestones and a short jacket to match.

    • How fabulous. It sounds like you got a royal Barbie experience. Those clothes were pretty cool. Do you have a evening gown like that ?

  3. I never had a Barbie, but had Pippa dolls – maybe only common in the UK in the 70s – like a smaller version of Barbie. For me Pippa was all about imaginary play as a grown up! – what a 10-year-old thought of as grown up anyway… She was definitely her own woman (with career), but very stylish and with a boyfriend!! Anyone else remember Pippa???

    • I dont know Pippa dolls but I am sure there was similarities. Barbie had careers and clothes and was always getting Ken to come along – kind of like the Archie comic books with Blonde. The perfect women.

  4. What I remember albout Barbie was losing her shoes – they were so tiny! Like Cinderella feet! My sister and I had a huge chest of Barbie clothes and would play for hours. I was upset that they didn’t make African American Barbies in the late 60″s. That wasn’t until the 70’s when I was in high school and had lost interest. I grew up in Detroit and my best friend was African American and, even as a young girl, felt bad bringing my Barbie to her house when she didn’t have one. So, I left them at home… weird how I think most girls of our generation have some recollection of the Barbie universe. Thanks for evoking some great memories.

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