Zen and the art of forgiving

Saw a tweet swim upstream the other day.  About Oprah’s Life class.  I noticed because I am a student of life, and because my friend Carmen told me my book “Le Chic Cocoon” 7 Steps to creating your Selfish Space speaks to some Oprahisms. The tweet was about how hard it is to forgive.  Got me thinking about levels of forgiveness. Some thing we never talk about is forgiving the little moments we punish ourselves over constantly.

Having been in transition for the last couple of years, striving to connect to my center, I feel a little like Dorian Gray in the Oscar Wilde tale, Picture of.

I care little about maintaining my youthful presence in the world, unlike Dorian Gray,  but I do need my true self (the picture) to grow and deepen.  I need my very being to absorb what my soul and heart knows.

To endure the ravaging fears that being vulnerable bring, The ugly fight that I must let go of.  To laugh with genuine amusement at how life tosses us about.

“Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world’s original sin. If the cave-man had known how to laugh, History would have been different.”

– Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Laughing – I think this quote speaks to how much we are conditioned to controlling daily life.  How much our expectations rule us. Laughter leads to forgiveness.  Its a relaxation. An opening.

All the inconveniences that build up frustration.  The traffic is slow when we are in a hurry.  The flight that is postponed.  The irritating phone company, that does not seem to be able to understand basic equations of life and communication.  These daily occurrences eat away at our well being. Chip at our pillar of joy.  Moments require forgiveness. A release of expectation.

If we can let go of those artificial  should’s that we hold so dear, and just embrace what needs to happen.    Allow ourselves to absorb the change. Not fight it.  Delight in it.

I found myself dancing to meet my plane at the airport. Letting go of expectation.

Embrace the natural rhythm that we can dance to.  Absorb the power in allowing what happens not to be an irritation but a moment of discovery.  Choose what you desire in life, and forgive your need to control the moment.

Your need to be the disciplinarian who judges and finds happenstance wanting. .  I agree with Wilde.  We need to Lean in laughing.

Have you every had a moment when you let go and everything turned golden?   I have.

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Zen and the art of forgiving — 4 Comments

  1. Yesterday I was frozen in my head, know what I mean? So I began my workout (happy body workout, very cool) listening to Michael Franti and soon I had breathing space again, phew.

    • Cinder I know exactly what you mean. Happy body is so important in life. Soon as we get into our bodies and breathe it all makes sense.

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