Pain. Confusion. Exhaustion. Fog.

You soul may be speaking but how can you hear it, through the noise & stress of daily living?

As a woman you have probably been told to suck it up, shut it up or stop being selfish more times than you can count. You have been the good girl, the rebel and chief problem solver.

Now you are exhausted with this game you can’t win.

Maybe the only time you feel right is when you are doing for others.

Helping them out by passing out a tray of goodness.

Supporting your loved ones, worrying about them, fixing the cracks. Keeping the world afloat.

But who is taking care of you while you take care of the world?

Frank Kafka said  “Don’t edit your soul”

Are you editing you to the point of extinction?

Maybe if you listened deep enough, you would recognize the futility of covering up, & the never ending pain of being an invisible woman

There only to serve those you love

If today is the first day you’re feeling called to listen – or you’ve been trying to tune in for some time now – know, you are not alone.


Many are returning to their personal Soul Speak right now. It’s our divine design coming full circle. I’m here to translate your soul speak and worth, channel karmic clearings, and assist in offering a road map to the divine re-design of your life for your highest good.

Working in the high vibration of unconditional love is like discovering the elixir of life, mind bending and magical.  When we do this work you’ll be able to stop trying to be someone you’re not, stop trying to please others, and start creating your own sacred space in the world and within you.  You will know your place in a whole new way.

Lighter and more connected to your own wisdom, with an abiding sense of peace and confidence.

You come into the world hardwired with a personal code to guide you. Your birth date and name are full of clues as to your life purpose and destiny. Even your time of birth offers insight to the real you.  My job is to translate that code into the deeper meaning of your life, and give you the confidence to be you, without veils.

If you’re wondering which path to take in life…

How to heal old wounds…

Whether or not to leave your relationship…

Or simply how to return to yourself…

It’s time to hear your Soul Speak. This is your life’s healing.

Our work will fast track that healing and get to the deeper level of YOU.

So you can let go of the confusion, fog and exhaustion and find your confidence!

Live with a bubbling joy that imbues every moment with pleasure,

Every day with a sense of wonder.

Your inner gypsy is waiting in the wings, ready to dance.

Are you ready to go deeper?

Meet her body to soul?

Why leave your life to chance?  Start living the deeper meaning of you.

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Joie de Vivre,

Jen Duchene.

Jen Duchene is an internationally acclaimed Speaker, Sacred Design Expert, author, and La Chic Soul Speak Translator who helps individuals discover the deeper meaning of their lives. Whether she’s facilitating an Akashic Soul Reading or working with an individual’s Astro-numerology, Jen combines transformative wisdom with sacred soulfulness to help her clients return to themselves. In her sacred design work, Jen travels the world, cultivating spiritual talisman for her client’s sacred spaces that celebrate their divine expression. Jen is the
author of Le Chic Cocoon: 7 steps to creating your Selfish Space.