Yours is a precious, powerful Life that YOU

are in charge of – and it’s glorious, spiritual, and joy-full.

Yet … do you sometimes feel stuck in a fog of confusion, procrastination, or lack of focus which keeps you from confidently stepping out on your path? To live the promise of whom you’re meant to be?

It’s time to listen to what your Soul has to tell you.

I am Jen Duchene, and I help you regain the wisdom and knowledge that is waiting deep inside, to connect you to whom you really are beneath the layers of fear, fog and frustration. To shift you from hot mess to cool confidence so you can make what YOU WANT in your life happen.

Through the ancient and sacred systems of Akashic records and Astronumerology, I help people change life patterns that don’t serve them, release years of “emotional weight,” and create an action plan for moving their lives forward with focus and joy.

Are you ready to go deeper, be clearer, and get moving on your path to make a difference in your own life and in the world?

Then please accept my gift of an Expanded Light Guided Meditation.

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Start living the deeper meaning of you and fulfill the promise of whom you’re meant to be.

Why leave your life to chance?