Illuminate Your Wisdom.
Trust Your Knowing.
Hear Your Guidance.

An essential ingredient, for living an abundant harmonious life is trusting your wisdom.
Even when the world around you is falling apart.
Or the people you are looking to for support are shutting down your dreams.
Believing in yourself can be one of the most challenging aspects of change.

How do you really trust yourself to make the right choices?
To speak your your mind in the right moments?
To make sure your needs are cared for?

Or do you bury your desires because you have no idea what you want?
Ever lack confidence in how things will turn out?
Or feel scared of stepping out into the unknown?

This is your Light in the Fog. The one you’ve been asking for.

What would it feel like to:
Truly know that you can  stand up for yourself?

Ask for that raise, take that trip, or finally write the book you’ve been dreaming of?

When a desire to take that wild step propels you,
You want to go beyond what you have done and leave behind that which you are done with.

Declare your boundaries.  
Love yourself
Express your voice.

What would your life be like if you trusted yourself enough to do the right thing without having to check if you are doing it right?

Is it daunting to do what you dream?

Lost in a fog, desperately seeking conviction and happiness

Exhausted from being agreeable when you’re really not…

This is your light in the fog.

Are you ready for a new perspective?
Open to a receiving a jubilant dose of joy enough to douse self doubt & fear

Willing to finally illuminate your light?
Accept your right to be free?

No apology, excuses, pretending or avoiding..
Owning your right to be true to you.

Connected, vibrant, awake.
Engaged in your own wisdom, your innate power activated
Travelling a Divine Route of Trust,
Listening to your inner wisdom.

That is the light in the fog.


My name is Jen Duchene, and, through a series of powerful private sessions, we explore who you are, TRUTHFULLY. Whether it’s in the area of relationships, health, career path, places of irritation or worry — together we illuminate your awareness, dissolve the pain, invigorate your spirit, and activate a plan for change you can trust.

I help you see yourself and the world in a different way, with tools I’ve that I have been given which serve as portals into YOUR OWN truth, your own inner wisdom, and your particular journey. We dismantle the blocks of what has been created to shape a new, more awakened way of being, so a new future for you can unfold. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Are you feeling it?

“Jen Duchene has an amazing gift to clear out old patterns of thinking and cobwebs in the subconscious without infringing on my autonomy. Working with her has strengthened my healthy sense-of-self.”
~ Taiza P. Salt Lake City, UT

The Light in the Fog isIllumination for self-revelation and self-revolution — Your Life will never be the same. Your search is over. You’ve found it.