Illuminate Your Wisdom.
Trust Your Knowing. Live your purpose.

Believing in yourself enough to follow your heart can be a challenging aspect of change.  Yet change is essential for your soul potential and purpose to be activated.  

Do you speak your mind when you need a different outcome? Do you easily ask for what you want no matter where you find yourself?   Do you give yourself time to be nourished, putting yourself first, because you know that is the way to be generous with those you love?

Or do you bury your desires because you either have no idea what you want or you worry about losing the love of those you love, if you do what you want?   Life can be confusing,  even foggy, because so much of what you are taught about acceptance and behaving has nothing to do with knowing yourself or getting better at asking for what you want, even though you long to be fully expressed, living life to the fullest, with more confidence, trust and freedom.

This is your invitation. The one you’ve been asking for.

What would it feel like to take the time you need to nourish yourself.
Feel confident and safe enough to explore your curiosity and expand your clarity?

Be so aligned to you purpose, you don’t hesitate to take that risk, design your own job or create something totally new, bringing to life desires your Soul has been dreaming of?

Integrate your boundaries  
Love yourself
Express your voice

What would your life be like if you trusted yourself more than anyone else, knew you were loved and supported and believed in your capacity to deal easily and joyfully with any situation? 

Are you ready for a new perspective?
 Liberate your jubilance and  illuminate your light

Be Connected, Vibrant and Awake.

Celebrate your ability to have MORE freedom, joy and spaciousness.. More ease generosity, prosperity and Soul connection while living your purpose…

Welcome.  I am so glad you are here. 

I am your guide Jen Duchene.  I help you see yourself and the world in a different way, using tools that serve as portals into YOUR OWN truth, inner wisdom, and  particular journey.  You can choose from individual or a series of private sessions, classes, meditations and or the Illuminating Journey cards© to dismantle what has been created to shape a new, more awakened way of being, so your new future can unfold.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Choose the level of participation you desire. 

“Jen Duchene has an amazing gift to clear out old patterns of thinking and cobwebs in the subconscious without infringing on my autonomy. Working with her has strengthened my healthy sense-of-self.”
~ Taiza P. Salt Lake City, UT

Illumination for self-revelation and self-revolution — Your Life will never be the same. Your search is over. You’ve found it.